Officers and Firefighters

  • 1 Line of Duty Deaths
  • 2 Annual Heroes Awards Program & Banquet
  • 3 Request Life Protecting Equipment
  • 4 Scholarship Program

Line of Duty Deaths

The 100 Club assists dependents of law enforcement officers and firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty or catastrophically injured. Assistance will begin after The 100 Club has received written notification confirming a line of duty death has occurred from the chief executive officer of the involved agency and that the deceased officer or firefighter had dependents. Financial assistance ($20,000) is provided in line of duty deaths where there are no surviving dependents, to the executor of the officer or firefighter's estate.

Upon written notification of the line of duty death, The 100 Club will present the surviving spouse with a letter expressing condolences from the Board and $20,000 to assist with any immediate financial needs. This presentation usually takes place within 24 hours of our notification.

When the time is appropriate, representatives of our Benefits Committee will contact the surviving spouse to make arrangements to meet and discuss the family’s financial situation. The result of that meeting will be shared with the full Benefits Committee who will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval. After approval, the family will be presented with the Club’s gift.

Annual Heroes Awards Program and Banquet

The 100 Club honors outstanding officers and firefighters in our 18 county coverage area at our Annual Heroes Awards program that is held in May of each year.

Any law enforcement officer may be nominated for a 100 Club Officer of the Year Award by any law enforcement officer in our coverage area.

Nominations for officers may be made for the following award categories:

  1. Officer of the Year
  2. Rookie of the Year and
  3. Lifetime Achievement.

Any firefighter may be nominated for a 100 Club Firefighter of the Year Award by any firefighter in our coverage area.

Nominations for firefighters may be made for the following award categories:

  1. Firefighter of the Year
  2. Rookie of the Year and
  3. Lifetime Achievement.

Nominations must be submitted on a nomination form, which may be obtained by clinking on the link shown or from the agency chief’s office or by contacting The 100 Club.

Nominations may be made for exceptional achievement in any police or firefighting endeavor. Including, but not limited to, extraordinary valor, crime prevention, investigative activity, community relations, juvenile programs, drug prevention and control, training programs, traffic safety and innovative approaches to public service.

Nominations for the award will be accepted in The 100 Club office from January 1 through December 31 of each year. The deadline for submitting nominations is December 15 of each year. However, any event for nomination, which occurs between December 16 and December 31, can be submitted to The 100 club office by December 31. After nominations are forwarded to the 100 Club Office 5555 San Felipe St Ste 1750, Houston, Texas 77056-5527, the Law Enforcement Selection Committee composed of officers from throughout The 100 Club coverage area and the Firefighter Selection Committee composed of firefighters throughout The 100 Club coverage area, will begin the selection process. Their work will be completed no later than February 1 of each year and agency heads will be notified of the results. Award recipients will be honored at the Annual Heroes Awards program in May of each year. Each agency will be notified, in writing, with regard to the specifics of the Annual Heroes Awards Program such as the date, location, etc...

Requesting Life Protecting Equipment


The 100 Club provides life-protecting equipment for law enforcement agencies in our 18 county coverage area. Requests for equipment must be written and from the Chief Executive Officer of the agency requesting the equipment. Included in the request must be competitive bids, a statement that "no regularly budgeted funds or any drug confiscation funds are available, and that your agency has a random drug testing policy and drug free work place policy in place." (Examples: letter requesting assistance and competitive bids.)

Upon receipt of the request, the Chief/Head of the requesting agency will be invited to attend a monthly Finance & Request Committee meeting to explain and justify the request. The committee will then make a recommendation to the full Board of Directors. The agency head will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision.

All agencies that are recipients of equipment purchased by The 100 Club are requested to place 100 Club bumper decals on all marked agency vehicles and to coordinate a presentation of the equipment for news media coverage. We also provide 100 Club decals to be placed on all equipment purchased for law enforcement. (See details for securing equipment purchased by the 100 Club.)

You must notify us in writing that your equipment has been received and is in good working condition. We will not pay any bills for equipment until we receive your written confirmation of this fact.

Effective, June 8, 2010, The 100 Club provides scholarships to full-time peace officers for undergraduate and graduate degrees. These scholarships are available only to officers employed by State, County and municipal law enforcement agencies in Austin, Brazoria, Brazos, Burleson, Chambers, Colorado, Fayette, Fort Bend, Galveston, Grimes, Harris, Liberty, Madison, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Walker, Waller, and Washington counties. Unfortunately, Federal Law enforcement officers are not eligible for these scholarships because of the incidence of transfer out of The 100 Club coverage area.

The 100 Club has a limited number of scholarships available at each of our Scholarship Universities. The Universities will choose the best-qualified applicants to fill each of those scholarships.


A. Undergraduate Scholarships

The undergraduate scholarship program is available for degrees in Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University, Prairie View A&M University, and the University of Houston Downtown College. Officers need to have 60 hours of college work completed at minimum of a 2.5 grade point average that will transfer to the above-mentioned schools before applying for The 100 Club scholarship assistance. If the academic requirements are satisfied, officers need to request, in writing, permission from their chief executive officer to apply for a 100 Club scholarship.

Upon written approval from the CEO, the officer should contact The 100 Club academic coordinator at the college you wish to attend. The coordinator will assist the officer with the academic and administrative requirements for admission to that college.  The coordinators are:

Sam Houston State University – Amanda Burris - Email: - Telephone: (936) 294-3799

Prairie View A&M University – Dr. Sesha Kethineni, Head of Department - Email: - Telephone: (936) 261-5226

University of Houston Downtown – Stacey Bryant - Email: - Telephone: (713) 221-5019

All scholarship recipients are selected by the University that is applied to by the applicant. New applicants to Sam Houston State University must complete the application process by June 1st for Fall funding requests and by November 1st for Spring funding requests. The application (pdf) can be downloaded by clicking here.

Upon successful completion of the academic and administrative requirements of the chosen college, applicants will be notified of their acceptance by the University they have chosen.

Upon receipt of the approval letter, applicants may register for classes at their chosen college. The 100 Club pays for tuition, books and related fees. It is required that each scholarship recipient take a minimum of 6 semester hours during each long semester and maintain a minimum of 2.5 grade point average each semester. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in loss of scholarship funding. Applicants are not required to re-apply for assistance for each following semesters funding. Funding is automatically provided if academic requirements are satisfied.

B. Graduate Degrees

The 100 Club offers 3 graduate degrees; a Master of Science Degree in Leadership and Management at Sam Houston State University and a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice at The University of Houston Downtown (open for full time officers who currently hold the rank of Sergeant or above) and a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Houston (Central Campus) which is open to senior police managers (the CEO of each agency determines who is a senior police manager). View and download MBA application here.

Applicants for a graduate degree scholarship need to first obtain a written letter from their agency CEO giving them permission to apply for a 100 Club graduate scholarship. Upon receipt of the approval from the agency CEO applicants should contact the coordinator at the university selected for attendance. The coordinator will help the applicant with the necessary academic and administrative requirements for admission. The coordinators are:

Sam Houston State University – Amanda Burris - Email: - Telephone: (936) 294-3799

University of Houston Downtown – Stacey Bryant - Email: - Telephone: (713) 221-5019

University of Houston Central Campus - MBA – Program Manager, Scholarships, Office of the Dean, C. T. Bauer College of Business, Joe D. Pineda - Email: - Telephone: (713) 743-4812

Graduate school scholarships cover tuition, books and related fees. Graduate scholarship students are required to maintain a 3.0 grade points average for continuation of the scholarship. Scholarship Recipients for the Graduate Degree are selected by each University.

The 100 Club will allow up to 12 hours of on-line course work, to be determined by the University, for students enrolled in The 100 Club MS in Criminal Justice Management scholarship program. Our Board of Directors believes that class attendance, peer interaction as well as interaction between students and faculty are important parts of this educational process.